TRAI Introduces Channel Selector Application For Easy Estimation of Channel Subscription and Packs

TRAI Introduces Channel Selector Application
TRAI Introduces Channel Selector Application

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) introduced a new mandate which regulates the pricing of channels/channel packs broadcasted by channel providers. This step makes sure that users subscribing to DTH subscribers and cable providers pay only for the channels they subscribe to.

The mandate has also put a max cap on prices like installation charges, monthly rental basic fee and more. The Network Capacity Fee (NCF) has been set at Rs 130 per month which includes 100 SD free to air (FTA) channels for the subscribers. An additional fee of Rs 20 is required to be paid by users wishing to subscribe to more than 100 channels.

The new Channel Selector Application makes it easy for the subscribers to calculate the MRP of their channel package as they keep adding channels to the app. When the app is opened, users are required to enter credentials like name, languages, state, interested-genre, etc before continuing with the channel selection process.

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