Manikarnika Row: Kangana vs Krish

Manikarnika Row: Kangana vs Krish
Manikarnika Row: Kangana vs Krish(Photo: Instagram)

The co-director of Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi, Krish, posted several tweets on Wednesday claiming he shot most of the film. The tweets he posted went up with screenshots alongside them of his chats with some of the crew members who claim that he shot 80-85 percent of the film.

The texts were from the film’s editor, assistant director and a technician. Along with one of the screenshots, he posted, “The question is not about who shot how much, but it’s about the process with which everything has been done with ulterior motive and with a poor taste. Please realise your lies are making things worse.”

Rangol Chandel, Kangana’s sister, replied to the tweets by posting a screenshot of her own and saying, “Your team never worked with Kangana. She had her own camera and AD team, which is credited separately in the film also. Like we said, you had completed the film from which only 30 percent is used (which is not shot by you solo but shot by Nick).”

Manikarnika has taken the box office by storm and has earned over Rs.50 crore since its release.

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